League News


Tony Wall remains on top of the table on week 12. Highest scorer this week was Ashley Baker with 21 points.


2019/2020 Seasons weekly Top Tipster - Anthony O'Shaughnessy on week 3 with 25 Points.


Week 13 League prediction fixtures start on Saturday 26th October at 15:00. Predictions online now.



 Super Cup News


I would like to apologize to Chris Franklin, as the group tables has not shown correctly. John Hooper has gone through as he has more correct scores. Once again apologies for this error in the program.

Third round predictions are in and Alex French, Vaughan Hinsley, Andy Stagg, Andy Tozer, Mitch Tovey, Anthony O'Shaughnessy,  Mike Radford and John Hooper go through to the knockout stage. Highest points scorers this week are Vaughan Hinsley and Andy Stagg, both getting 19 points.

Second round Predictions in and Alex French, Andy Tozer, Mitch Tovey and Mike Radford lead their groups. 

After the first round of the Super Cup, Alex French, Steve French, Mitch Tovey and Mike Radford lead their groups.

Alex French got the highest score with 12 points.


Super Cup Group Draw

2018/2019 Super Cup Groups :-

  • Group A - Alex French, Tony Wall, Vaughan Hinsley, Andy Radford
  • Group B - Steve French, Thomas Wall, Andy Stagg, Andy Tozer
  • Group C - Peter Wheaton, Bradley Payn, Anthony O'Shaughnessy, Mitch Tovey
  • Group D - Conor Stagg, Chris Franklin, John  Hooper, Mike Radford

 Names in BOLD go forward to the knockout stage of the competition.


Quarter Final Results

  • Alex French (9) v (10) Andy Tozer
  • Mitch Tovey (6) v (0) John Hooper
  • Andy Stagg (9) v (12) Vaughan Hinsley
  • Mike Radford (8) v (12) Anthony O'Shaughnessy


Semi Final Results

  • Andy Tozer (8) v (14) Mitch Tovey 
  • Vaughan Hinsley (18) v (15) Anthony O'Shaughnessy


Final Results

  • Mitch Tovey (11) v (18) Vaughan Hinsley

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